The Uvac monastery is located in the village of Stublo. Even though there are no data about its founder, one of the church books dating back to 1622 says that it is dedicated to the birth of the Holy Mother of God. Never the less, the monastery is a testimony of the existence of a spiritual center in Zlatibor.

The log cabin church in Dobroselica is situated 19 km from Zlatibor. The church is built in 1821 and dedicated to St Elijah. The workmanship and its specific details make it the most beautiful of its kind. The church has also an iconostasis with some valuable frescoes.

Another log cabin church in Zlatibor is 25 km away from the tourist center in Jablanica village. Built in 1838, the church is dedicated to the Shroud of the Holy Virgin. It is worth a visit because of the old iconostasis inside, and log houses in the courtyard dating back to 1840.