There are a few religious buildings to be visited in Prijepolje.

The church of Davidovica is dedicated to the Baptism of Christ, and the monastery was built by the monk named David, whose grandfather was Stefan Nemanja, the Serbian Prince. The monastery was active up until the 17th century. During the 20th century excavation, an older building was found under the church. It was most likely the 6th-century Roman basilica.

There was also a tombstone that was related to the 14th-century Sebian Princess Milica’s father. In total, eight graves were discovered here which were believed to be the resting place of the famous Jugović brothers. They died as heroes during the Kosovo Battle in 1389.

Another interesting monastery is Kumanica that is easily reached from towns of Prijepolje and Sjenica. The monastery with the St Archangel Michael Church dates back to the 14th century. This is where the Kumanica Gospel was kept, the inscription dating to the 16th century. Believers say that the Monastery has healing powers.

One doesn’t have to be an Orthodox Christian or to practice any religion for that matter, to be able to deeply respect these 13th and 14th-century monasteries. The sole idea that these walls stood here for such an amount of time, being worshipped throughout centuries, has to leave a visitor in awe.

When it comes to Islamic buildings, Ottomans erected the interesting Ibrahim Pasha Mosque in the 16th century which served as a shrine for their army. They guarded the bridge over Lim river and the trade route. Soon, the settlement came to life around the mosque which now adorns the town center of Prijepolje.