The important establishment not to be missed in Čačak is the National Museum.

It is close to the city center and it houses archeological remains, history and religion relics, medieval manuscripts and so many other artifacts from various periods.

The old house that is now home to the National Museum is built in 1835 as the house of Jovan Obrenović, brother of the famous 19th-century Serbian ruler Miloš. Hence, the real feel of the old city house, with the Obrenović’s coat of arms in color on the facade. This is the only preserved coat of arms of its kind in Serbia.

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Čačak is also proud to be the hometown of the renowned Serbian artist Nadežda Petrović. There is the old building that was erected at the beginning of the 20th century by Čačak noblewomen. They founded a school for girls here which was a curiosity at the time. The same building was turned into the Nadežda Petrović’s Gallery in 1961.

When walking by the high school, visitors can admire the sculpture in front of it. That is the sculpture of Nadežda done by the famous artist Ivan Meštrović.

Find out more about the exhibitions at the Nadežda Petrović Gallery.