The hunting ground “Caričin grad” that covers the area of 10,050 square km is close to Sjenica. It is abundant in rabbit, roe deer, boar, and sometimes chamois can be seen.

At the Dubočica canyon, one can hunt wild duck, partridge, quail, along with predators such as wolf and fox. Occasionally, bears appear on the ground.

The area is under the supervision of the Hunting Association Vrhovi that is founded in 1926. It owns the Hunting Center in Sjenica.

The hunting ground on Golija spreads over 25 km north of Sjenica. It covers the region of 32,507 hectares at an altitude of 600 to 1,833 meters. Visitors can find boar, roe deer, bear, wood-grouse, rabbit, wolf, fox, and marten.

Hunting Association Vrhovi

Address: 12. decembra bb, 36310 Sjenica

Phone: +38120741552, +38163695685


Rivers and lakes at the Pešter plateau are abundant in various species of fish such as brown trout, sprout, gudgeon, barbel, etc.

Sports Fishermen Association Vapa

Phone: +38120744026