In between the Old and the New Era

The past and the future intertwine in Užice like nowhere in the near. Eras constantly live in between the Old and the New Era, as interpreted here in the local spirit (Era = an inhabitant of Užice, orig. an inhabitant of Herzegovina > Herzegovinian abbr. to Era). Ancient and modern traits are merged together and intertwined here: a medieval fortress called The Old Town and wide streets and skyscrapers, old churches and massive pre-war facilities with new painted-façade buildings, a city with the first hydroelectric power plant in the Balkans, with a modern covered pool, there used to be the brass Tito’s Statue behind the museum before it has been removed, and now there are bar gardens scattered all over the Partisans Square…

This is the town of the first Light generated from the river back in the time of the Republic of Užice, it is a town of unusually-named skyscrapers (Grey Man, Lepa Brena, The White Court, Black Lady,Mercy City, A Look into the Future, Cans), the hometown of Oscar-winning Stojan Steve Tešić, but first of all an interesting settlement on the River Đetinja banks which infuses it with a mountain freshness.

Once Tito’s town, economic pride and a meeting place of old taverns, Užice has transformed into the regional theatrical centre, a town of the ”Užička lepinja” (flatbread made with kaymak, egg and gravy) and numerous discotheques and cafes. However, it has not lost its soul, which you only need to discover: by walking the streets of Užice, through the conversation with hospitable Eras and sightseeing.

There are beautiful tourist villages which have emerged around Užice: Zlakusa with ethno-household the Terzić’s yard and the Potpeć Cave, Kremna with Monumental Home of the Prophets of Kremna and a foreign auto-campers’ camp, Karan with Karanska White Church from the 14th Century, Jelova Gora, Gostinica… the villages of Užice as a well and log cabin, cauldron and gate, with vajats (wooden houses), buildings, even swimming pools for the lovers of vacations in the nature.