Keeps your heart warm even in the cold

There is neither a highland bigger than Pešter nor a look or a host’s heart broader in any other place. Just like in a fairy tale, Sjenica is located in this intact area (63 square kilometers) among seven mountains, bordering mountains Golija, Javor, Jadovnik, Zlatar, Giljevo, Ozren and Žilindar. As far as endless undulating pastures spread, you can see flocks of sheep, herds of cattle and horses resting. There are also crystal waterways, lakes, caves, hunting ground and ski resorts all over the highland.

You can take a deep breath here and eat healthy and plenty (cheese of Sjenica, lamb of Pešter and oriental sweets). All the while hosts will give you the attention typical only of highlanders you have experienced never before. Highlanders are cordial and friendly to the guests all the time and they willingly offer the best they have. Hospitality on the Pešter Highland is encoded in their genes. The whole area is considered to be the coldest in the region in the wintertime. Let alone cold weather, friends will make you feel warm inside.

Sjenica is the core of Pešter. Once upon a time, this small town used to be the resting place for caravan tradesmen travelling on the emperor’s road. Apart from being surrounded by mountains and four rivers, Sjenica also has Sjenica Lake provided with a campsite and excellent conditions for fishing and regattas. In addition to that, there is one of the most beautiful islamic facilities of our country built in Sjenica in 19th century – Valide Sultan Mosque, with a dome of 15 m in diameter. Sopoćani Monastery, protected by UNESCO, is nearby, as well as an ancient Kumanica Monastery which has recently been restored.

The most beautiful holiday resort is Borići and Hotel ”Bor“ (Pine Tree) in the suburbs of Sjenica, with a ski track and a ski lift; in addition to that, Babinjača, a nearby ski resort, has cross-country skiing courts as well. Odvraćenica is a famoust holiday resort; it is located under the Jankov kamen Peak of Golija Mountain and it offers hotel accommodation and promenades and health paths. Nature lovers find Đalovići Cave very attractive. Its chambers, channals and labyrinths that have been explored are about 11 kilometers long. Hunters are attracted by the hunting ground Caričin grad and Golija, while fishermen are interested in the waters of Pešter which are full of various kinds of fish. There are some therapeutical hot springs, good for swimming and therapy, in Čedovo Village, which you will come accross entering Sjenica, where you can also lease private accommodation.