White Angel’s Look

White Angel’s look is to be found nowhere else but in Prijepolje, in the wooden monastery of Mileševa, the heart of Serbian spirituality. There are also beautiful Sopotnica waterfalls where millions of drops cascade down from high cliffs, Kamena Gora, an unusual village with one hundred-year old inhabitants, exciting canyon of the river Lim, an interesting market place of Prijepolje, the Mileševo gorge, appealing mountain heights.

Spiritual strength of Mileševa has always intoxicated and enchanted; the monastery was built here, six kilometers away from Prijepolje, in the 13th century. The frescoes of Mileševo are highly artistic, The White Angel (Beli Anđeo) is known worldwide, while frescoes in the nave and the altar were built at St Sava’s request, whose tomb used to be located here for more than three centuries.

The Sopotnica waterfalls on the little river with the same name are gems of the regional tourism. There is a tall waterfall and numerous small ones, with deep whirls and a yellowish dripstone – a spongy rock built inside the walls of Mileševa. The scenes of folk masonery are still alive here; there were 11 ancient wooden watermills and 10 rolling mills used for grain and textile; unfortunately, there are only three of them left. Sopotnica has been proclaimed protected natural wealth of utter importance.

Thanks its to long-living inhabitants, Kamena Gora, located on the hill beside the road of Prijepolje toward Pljevlja, is called the village of one-hundred year olds. It was pronounced an air spa long time ago. People are healthy and long-living here. Local people say: ”There is nothing better for your ECG than KG (Kamena Gora)“. Here you can find a living Ethno Museum, health paths, over 100 springs called ”mountain eyes“ and developed village tourism.