Mountain Tara, the river Drina, Bajina Bašta

In the antre of heaven

Tara - Drina - Bajina Bašta
Thick greenery all around, richness of fragrant forests, glades and views, meadow carpet, ”the lungs of Serbia“ – this is Tara Mountain and its national park, a real beauty among the heights, an ideal place for rest and recovery. At the foot it is intersected by the marvellous river Drina, its greenery and freshness naturally merging with Tara. Lake Perućac, located on the Drina, is the most important sight this region has to offer. Beautiful Lake Zaovine glistens in the hills above. This corner of the Heaven is not yet that famous. Downstream goes the River Vrelo, as long as a year (365m), and somewhat further you will run into the ancient monastery Rača built in the 12th century, all these flanked by a vivid town Bajina Bašta, which is the crown to all the surrounding beauty.

Tara simply glows both in the summer and in the winter; its purpose is health protection. Apart from comfortable tourist lodging facilities, Tara also holds one third of Serbian flora containing 1000 various plants (this is the only place in the world Serbian Spruce grows); it is a haven for 130 bird species and 37 species of fish which live in its clear waters. On the other hand, the Drina, which used to be famous for its raftsmen, takes pride in the abundancy of fish fauna and well-known huchen. That raftsmen tradition is succeeded by the most visited regional tourist attraction – ”The Drina Regatta“ during which thousands of vessels gather on the river section between Perućac and Rogačica. Perućac is just ideal for summer joys; it is the starting point for the boats sailing on the impressive Canyon of the Drina towards Višegrad. Zaovine is the most beautiful and it is yet to be heard of. The little river Vrelo near Perućac is a realm of trout. Rača Monastery radiates beauty and centuries long mistery. In addition to all there are also heaven-sent sceneries resembling those of great painters.

The whole region is an inseparable part, a true gem of the unique tourist attraction of the region of Western Serbia called ”The Magic Tourist Ring“. Turists board on train ”Ćira“ to travel from Mokra Gora to Višegrad, then they proceed by boat down the Drina to Perućac, wherefrom they take a bus to get to Tara, and all the way back to Mokra Gora. During the trip you can enjoy exquisitely beautiful panorama in a single day.