Zlatibor is a mountain of exceptional beauty. This vast expanse of mildly wavy plateaus is characterized by lush pastures that are cut through by rivers and streams.

Zlatibor villages are picturesque and beautiful, which gives Zlatibor excellent conditions for the development of rural tourism in the following areas: Sirogojno, Gostilje, Rožanstvo, Ljubiš, Tripkova, Mačkat, Rudine, Semegnjevo, Kriva Reka, etc.

In addition to good traffic connections, the villages are adequately equipped for accommodating guests. The preserved natural environment, healthy food, and clean waters, the way of life in which traditional values are preserved, make Zlatibor villages authentic and attractive


Gostilje lies on the mountain slopes about 30 km from the Zlatibor center. The population is 400 and people are mostly into agriculture and fruit growing. The surroundings are ideal for collecting healthy herbs, fishing, and hiking, while the popular attraction is the 20-meter-waterfall on Vrelo river with the old watermill.


This village is 15 km away from the Zlatibor center with 450 inhabitants. It has always been famous for skillful craftsmen who made barrels, buckets, and other wooden objects used in local households.

On the right bank of the small Prištavica river that flows through the village, lies the popular Stopića Cave.

Kriva reka

This vivid village is 17 km away from the Zlatibor center. Its population is 1,350 and it houses a school, football and basketball fields, while it occupies a vast grassy meadow with mild hills covered in orchards of plums. The famous Kotren spring doesn’t dry up even during the hottest summer days.


About 20 km from Zlatibor center lies the village of Tripkova. Although it’s relatively small given the population of 350, a series of festivals take place here. Among others, an art colony is organized every summer, along with the stained-glass workshop and the international seminar on Serbian folk dance. Nice climate, lavish nature, crisp clear waters of Vrutci lake abundant in fish, are among the benefits of the village.


Mačkat is famous for its good food. It is situated 16 km away from Zlatibor center and most of its population of 800 is into agriculture and dried meat production. This is where pršuta comes from, specific dried meat that is the trademark of Zlatibor and West Serbia in general.

The festival dedicated to this product called Pršutijada takes place every January and gathers more than 10,000 visitors.


Being 6 km away from Zlatibor center, this village is abundant in sunny days and beautiful landscapes of mild hills that Zlatibor is known for. Rudine provides pristine nature and some gorgeous views.


At about 26 km from Zlatibor center, there lies the Sirogojno village that is best known for housing an open-air museum and preserving the traditional knitting.  Art festivals, exhibitions, lectures, and a variety of other gatherings are frequent during summer.

selo sirogojno


This village is situated 25 km from Zlatibor center. It is abundant in flora diversity, especially in healthy herbs, mushrooms, and forest fruits. The small river Ljubišnica flows through that is used for developing fishponds for trout farming. Besides good accommodation and fresh food, Ljubiš also houses the 550-meter-long zip line.


Given its perfect location, the village served as a set for filming 8 movies. It is 15 km away from the Zlatibor center with the traditional cottage-church that dates back to 1821.


Being 22 km away from Zlatibor center, this village lies in the valley surrounded by the mountain range. The highest Zlatibor point Tornik is right above Jablanica. The interesting cottage-church from 1838 is to be found in the village.



Semegnjevo is located 16 km away from the Zlatibor center. It lies at an altitude of 1,000 meters being perfect for hunting or hiking. Paved and unpaved roads are ideal for bicycle rides. Given that the area is abundant in fresh springs, clear streams are often full of fish and shrimps.


The village is well known for its lush nature and fruit products. It is 10 km away from Čajetina, the settlement in the foot of the Zlatibor center.


A small, hilly village called Mušvete lies 10 km away from the Zlatibor center. It is surrounded by three hills: Gradina (1,176 m), Gliza (951 m), and Cerova (795 m). There were seven watermills built on the village springs once, while visitors can nowadays enjoy a nice bathing area during hot summer days.