Visitors can admire vast fields of buckwheat, but also some magnificent views of Uvac Lake. The village is also home to the cottage-church dating back to 1808. Radijevići is close to the Uvac Lake at an altitude of 1,100-1,420 meters.

Sjeničko jezero


Situated 26 km away from Nova Varoš, this village lies at an altitude of 1,198-1,315 meters. It is famous for the monument dedicated to the 1876 battle, along with the cave Javroska lepotica, abundance in springs, and a potato of great quality.


Jasenovo is situated 25 km from Nova Varoš at an altitude of 1,162-1,321 meters. The population is into farming and one should try the famous local kaymak. Bela Reka is named after the waterfall while the village is popular for trout farming.


Being five km away from Nova Varoš, at an altitude of 1,030-1,600 meters, Drmanovići is located near the Uvac Lake, but not that far from the hotel and the ski slopes. For those who are into hiking and cycling, there are special trails, while others can pick herbs, mushrooms, blueberries, or wild strawberries.


These villages are 10 km away from Nova Varoš at the Uvac Special Nature Reserve. They are famous for providing a great view of the griffon vulture flock that is protected by the Reserve, but also for some good white cheese. Being near the Uvac Lake makes Akmačići and Komarani perfect for fishing or taking a boat ride through the breath-taking Uvac meanders.


The village is next to the Radoinja Lake, one of the three Uvac lakes. It lies at an altitude of 902-1,206 meters, 17 km away from Nova Varoš, and 30 km from Zlatibor. Radoinja provides all the necessary conditions for hiking, fishing, boat riding.


At only 3 km away from Zlatar mountain center, there lies this village with hotels, restaurants, ski slopes, sports terrains, hiking, and cycling trails.


Štitkovo is situated at the foothill of Zlatar at an altitude of 1,249 meters. It is important regarding its historical and cultural heritage. Even though under the state protection as an open-air museum, the village is still inhabited.