Only those who are into winter sports know what fun they bring, along with some physical exercise. West Serbia mountains provide all the winter activities from alpine skiing to snowboarding, from sledding to Nordic skiing. Our fresh air and tasty traditional food will give you additional strength.

Alpine skiing routes can be found in mountain centers of Zlatibor, Tara, Zlatar, Golija, and Mokra Gora.

As one of the most popular ski resorts in this part of Serbia, Tornik – Zlatibor lies at an altitude of 1,110-1,490 meters, 9 km away from the Zlatibor center. It is equipped with 7 km slopes available for skiing and snowboarding with the capacity of 5,400 people per hour, and available in easy, intermediate and difficult categories. Artificial snow-making capabilities are enabled on 90 percent of the slopes. A comfortable lift system with 6 seats is also available that enables transport capacity of up to 3,200 passengers per hour.

Ski resort Mokra Gora – Iver is only 7 km away from the famous Drvengrad. Its slopes are 4 km long, capable of artificial snow-making, and equipped by the platter lift with the capacity of 1,000 people per hour.


Ski Resorts of Serbia

Ski Center Tornik

031 315 0004, 031 315 0005

Ski Service Tornik

063 80 13 812

Ski Club Golija,

Zoran Avramović 064 27 48 569

Tourism Organization of Sjenica,

020 744 843,