Archeological findings from this area show that the village was an important spot during the ancient Romans’ rule. It is assumed that the merchant road that connected Dubrovnik and Serbia went through Mirosaljci. Merchants were traveling for days only to trade salt, sugar, silk, coffee, etc. Their stop was at one of the meadows in Mirosaljci where they rested next to a water-well.


This village is 37 km away from Arilje and is famous for thermal waters that spring out within the Rzav canyon, one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia. Banja (spa in Serbian) is at an altitude of 660 meters, tucked between the pristine nature of Visoka village.

People who lived here during the 15th and 16th century moved due to the Austro-Ottoman War in other parts of the country and Europe in general.


One of the attractions here is the so-called Abašina voda. Data referring to the land date back to the beginning of the 19th century when it was mentioned as one of the properties of Ottoman noblemen in Arilje. Abašina voda is a spring (voda meaning water in Serbian), that was named after the Ottoman local ruler Abaša who allegedly found it.