Art Colony of Mileševa

Artists who gather here spend most of their time in visiting cultural heritage monuments of the area such as Sopoćani monastery, Đurđevi stupovi, Petrova Church (Novi Pazar), St Nicolas Church (Pribojska banja), St Trojice Church and the Great Mosque of Pljevlja, Kumanica, Davidovica, and Mileševa monastery where they can admire White Angel fresco and the one depicting St Sava.

Under the impression of all the things they have seen, artists create their work in preparing for the next year’s exhibition when another cycle of Art Colony begins. Everyone is expected to bring 3 to 5 pieces, leaving one to the Colony legacy. The best work is awarded by the White Angel Plaque.

More than 250 painters, sculptors, and graphic artists from Balkans and around the world were welcomed at the Mileševa Art Colony so far.