Kosjerić is one of the cradles of rural tourism in Serbia.

The settlement preserved its hospitality and traditional values that along with the pleasant climate and picturesque landscapes, make the place more than alluring especially to those who want to escape the city bustle.


Spending time in this village at an altitude of 620 meters abundant in streams and springs is a recipe for rejuvenating one’s strength. Its population is 150 and it is not far from Kosjerić center – about 9 km. The surroundings are ideal for walking, hiking, and mountaineering.

Taking one of the hiking trails will take you to Divčibare mountain and some impressive views. Beneath the Subjel hill, the river Popovica springs out that is abundant in fish. It is also possible to swim here. Visitors who like herbs and mushrooms can collect them accompanied by their hosts and to make a nice meal according to traditional recipes.


Even though its name in Serbian means grasshoppers (or jumpers), the village was named after small waterfalls with the water bursting out and “jumping” around. It is situated at an altitude of 600 meters, 11 km from Kosjerić, surrounded by pine and oak trees.

The Tourism Info Center can be found in Brezik with all the information about the village, households that are into rural tourism, about the Kotlina area with the 15-meter-waterfall, or the drill hole with the spring where water temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius.


The village is 6 km away from Kosjerić, at an altitude of 550 meters, and with a population of 105. This area with lavish forests and pastures, is more than suitable for long walks, fishing, and other activities.

Stojići lies beneath the mountain of Bukovi and not that far from the main road.


Mušići is 14 km away from Kosjerić at an altitude of 700 meters. This diverse terrain with hills and valleys is inhabited by 320 people and is more than suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Seča Reka

The village is named after two small streams that cut one another at an altitude of 480 to 650 meters (Seča Reka meaning Rivers’ Cut in Serbian). Its population is 760 and it is 7 km away from Kosjerić. It is abundant in lush landscapes and walking trails. Seča Reka is full of orchards, mostly plums and raspberries.

One of the most important historical monuments in the area is to be seen here – the Cottage-Church originally built in the 15th century and reconstructed in 1812. Specific tombstones called krajputaši are to be found in the church’s courtyard. They were put by the road in memory of soldiers who died in battles of the two Balkan Wars and WWI. Their bodies were never brought back home.

Donji Taor

On the slopes of Povlen mountain at an altitude of 1,000 meters, and 20 km away from Kosjerić, lies the village of Donji Taor. This is the typical rural settlement, ideal for those who seek peace.

Skrapež river that flows through Kosjerić, springs out here. Donji Taor is also the place to find Taorska Vrela (Taor Springs) that are stunningly beautiful. Visitors can go hiking or picking forest fruit.

The village is under the jurisdiction of both the Tourism Organization of Kosjerić and Tourism Organization of Valjevo.