Ivanjica is situated in the foot of mountains of Golija and Javor on the outskirts of the Moravica river at an altitude of 468 meters. It is surrounded by forests and pastures with one of the oldest power-plants in Serbia built in 1911 in the town center.

This small town is a promising tourism spot that lies on the slopes of Golija that is declared the Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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It lies on the right bank of Moravica river, occupying the most remote northwestern part of the Ivanjica plateau.


They say that this small picturesque village was named after the girl Mara who jumped into a river in refusing to marry the guy she didn’t love. The romantic feel is also oozing from the beautiful landscapes of the village.


The village Raščići is situated at an altitude of 700 meters, 5 km away from Ivanjica town. The place is adorned by the Hadži-Prodan Cave that represents an important tourist, speleological and archeological object.


Dajići village lies at an altitude of 1,400 meters on Golija slopes. It is 30 km away from Ivanjica with dense spruce forest and fast mountain springs that cut through. Visitors are advised to see two lakes – Tičar and Okruglica, and to enjoy the village’s lush meadows rich in flowers.


This is the village that is situated on the slopes of Mučanj mountain at an altitude of 1,000 meters, providing a great vacation destination for rural tourism lovers. Its characteristics are well-tended courtyards and the specific roof panels made in the nearby village of Maće.

Locals are traditionally hospitable while Katići is equipped to welcome guests throughout the year. Household Obradović is the perfect example.


Near the Čačak-Ivanjica road, at an altitude of 600 meters, lies the village of Lisa. It’s 9 km away from Ivanjica with the 30-year-tradition in rural tourism.

The area is rich in forests and pastures, providing comfortable accommodation, diversity of traditional food, and well-known hospitality. The Hadži-Prodan Cave and Vučkovica Lake are to be seen near-by.


Komadine village is located at about 13 km from Ivanjica on the way to Golija. Fresh mountain air and great traditional food will make every vacation here a memorable one.


Bukovica is the neighborhood of Ivanjica that is situated on the outskirts of town, three km away from the town center, with a variety of companies, restaurants, and shops.


Being located at about 16 km from Ivanjica, the village of Kumanica is best-known for the Roman Bridge that connects the two Moravica banks. There is also the church dedicated to St Elijah to be seen here, while households of Avramović and Milosavljević family (Golijski Konaci) are providing the best accommodation.