West Serbia is proud to have such perfect conditions for rafting given that is abundant in river rapids and calm lakes. Visitors can take a rubber boat down the rapids of Drina, Lim, Uvac, but also to enjoy some of the smaller rivers such as Skrapež, Rzav, and Đetinja. This is a true challenge that brings a genuine thrill for those who love adventurous activities.

rafting na limu

Experienced rafters say that Rzav is hard to conquer just like Tara, but that it’s also timid as Drina. The route is 25 km long with a few difficult rapids. Having in mind that Rzav is considered to be the cleanest river in Serbia, it is not surprising that Rzav rafting is becoming more and more popular, gathering ever more visitors every summer.

On the other hand, Drina river has the 80-year-old tradition of rafting which is now transformed into a genuine recreational festival that takes place every July. Under the name of Drinska Regata, this festival consists of flowing along the 25 km route from Perućac to Rogačica, while the event is accompanied by numerous concerts.

Lim is another recommended river for rafting lovers, being cut into the mountain, and creating one of the prettiest canyons in West Serbia. High cliffs, picturesque gorge, small waterfalls, and springs are included in the landscape. The rafting season here starts in May and the route is 130 km long.

Uvac is another river not to be missed. Not only that its meanders are among the best-known attractions in Serbia, but the Uvac Canyon also provides perfect conditions for calm flowing through the area of the Special Nature Reserve.