The village is near the regional Požega-Divčibare road, 15 km away from Požega. The area is famous for picturesque villages of Dobrinja, Ježevica, Tometino Polje. Besides vast valleys, pine tree forests, well-tended households, the main attraction is the Memorial Complex of Miloš Obrenović, the renowned 19th-century Serbian ruler.


Rupeljevo village lies 7 km away from Požega, on the slopes of Blagaja mountain. Its location provides breath-taking landscapes, but also some great conditions for hiking and enjoying the natural surroundings. Walking trails will take you to Zlakusa village and the Potpeć Cave.


This village is situated 12 km from Požega on Balagaja mountain slopes and at an altitude of 540 meters. Roge is ideal for those who seek refuge from the city bustle. The thermal spring can also be found here with waters that are beneficial for rheumatism issues.

Rzav river which is the cleanest in Serbia and abundant in trout flows through Roge.