Hiking is a physical activity that can be performed by everybody.

Given that our region is full of wonderful terrains for outdoor activities, we made sure that tracks of different levels of difficulty are available for hiking and mountaineering. They are well marked and can be found all around Tara, Zlatibor, Golija, Jelova Gora, Zlatar, etc.

golija pesacenje

Prijepolje has an important tradition in mountaineering with about 100 km of marked trails.

Taking the route from Arilje, visitors can reach villages of Dobrače and Brekovo, or the Water Cave. Cycling lovers can take a ride along the Rzav river and its beaches, and then continue to the Klokoč viewpoint to enjoy the panorama of Arilje.

Trails in Požega are heading to local attractions such as Roška Banja and the Rzav Suspension Bridge.

Tara mountain is abundant in hiking and mountaineering routes that are well marked (290 km). The route map is available at the tourist info center in the Tara National Park. They often go all the way to Tara’s famous viewpoints with breath-taking views.


Mountaineering trails are available on Golija mountain while hiking routes are well known in Kosjerić. Stunning natural surroundings will add to the experience when mountaineering along the Uvac Canyon or Zlatar. Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Zlatibor.