Zlatar Lake

It is situated between Zlatar and Murtenica mountains, 10-15 km from Nova Varoš. The lake is 15 to 23 km long and the biggest of the three on Uvac river.

After the hydroelectric power plant was built in Kokin Brod during the 1960s, Zlatar Lake emerged in all its beauty. This is the largest earth-filled dam in Europe being 83 meters high and 1,264 meters long with the water level that often reaches 45 meters.

Zlatar Lake is popular among travelers, given that it is located next to the road that connects Belgrade and Montenegro, offering a few beaches and a Visitor Center with a lovely view. It is also possible to take a boat ride through its calm waters.

Uvac or Sjenica Lake

By building a dam in Akmačići village on Uvac river in 1979, Uvac or Sjenica Lake came to life. The lake is situated at an altitude of 985 meters and its depth reaches 108 meters. Being 25 km long, this lake cuts through high cliffs creating one of the most beautiful meanders in Balkans.

Uvac or Sjenica Lake is under the protection of the Special Nature Reserve, and under the jurisdiction of both Sjenica and Nova Varoš municipalities. It is abundant in fish.

There are a few observation decks that offer breath-taking views of the Uvac meanders, namely Veliki Vrh and Molitva.

Radoinja Lake

Situated at an altitude of 805 meters, Radoinja Lake is also a part of the Special Nature Reserve. It was created by building a dam at the 43rd km from the confluence of Uvac and Lim.

The lake is 11 km long, cutting between the limestone rocks of the surrounding mountain range. It is the most serene of the three Uvac lakes, given that it is somewhat tucked away from the main road. The area is perfect for spending a day at the beach, swimming, and kayaking.