Požega town and its surroundings are closely linked to the 19th century Serbian ruler Miloš Obrenović.

 Besides being historically important, the town lies among lavish hills and valleys. Its convenient location gave it a good railway connection to all the important parts of the region.

Mentioned for the first time in 1476, the old town of Požega was burned by the Ottomans in 1805. Miloš Obrenović then sent his state engineer to make settlement plans for rebuilding the place. They say that the engineer marked one spot with a stick, tied a rope to it, and thus made a circle. That is how the town’s circle square came to life with all the houses, shops being deployed around. Today, this is the landmark of Požega.

After it was renovated in 2012, the square got a new modern look once again. It was regarded as the most successful architectural achievement in the area and proclaimed as the most beautiful square in Serbia.


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