This small town lies in the north of Užice with a population of less than 4,000, according to the 2011 census. The river Skrapež flows through, coming from the near-by Povlen mountain.

Kosjerić is surrounded by mountains with the highest peak called Grad (1,022 meters). It is believed that this is where one of the Serbian medieval fortresses once stood.

The first settlers came from the Montenegro village of Kosijer, hence the name of the town. It was established by Antonije Kosijer who came here with his three sons.

Kosjerić is best-known for rural tourism. This is actually where the countryside households opened their doors to tourists for the first time in Serbia. Visitors still come in searching for the authentic atmosphere far from the city bustle.

This is the place to immerse into Serbin tradition, delicious homemade specialties, but also to revive some of the old customs that are now provided by the local tourism organization.

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