Pridvorica monastery is situated in the village bearing the same name 29 km from Ivanjica. It is built in the typical Raška style.

Even though all the data about the monastery were destroyed, there is a reference to Pridvorica in one of the old Serbian manuscripts. It was mentioned in the charter written by the 12th-century Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja as a female monastery.


Kovilje monastery is situated in Smiljevac village on Golija mountain. It is named after kovilje (Feather Grass), the plant that covered surrounding hills for centuries. Given its strange leaves, locals used to contribute mystical characteristics to this “fairy grass”. Thus, it is believed that there must have been some ancient pagan sanctuary here previously that preserved the name throughout history.

The same name was thus given to the monastery that houses two churches, one of which is built into the cave. This one dates back to the 12th century. The second one was erected during the 17th century.

Town’s church

Right in the town center, across the statue of Draža Mihailović, there is another interesting church to be visited. It is built in 1836 and dedicated to Emperor Constantine and his mother Helen. Being the only remaining building from that period, this is also the church that survived two huge fires that destroyed the rest of the settlement both times.