The Ovčar-Kablar Gorge is often referred to as the ‘Serbian Mount Athos’ since there are 10 medieval monasteries situated on the slopes of the two mountains.

Zapadna Morava river cuts through the cliffs, creating a natural line between the municipalities of Čačak and Lučani.

When one visits Dragačevo, about 20 km from Guča there are a couple of monasteries to visit on Ovčar, the mountain that is under the jurisdiction of Lučani town. These are Svete Trojice (St Trinity) and Sretenje.

Svete Trojice monastery is one of the most beautiful in the gorge. It was hardly accessible for centuries. The road wasn’t built until the 1980s. The monastery was constructed in the 16th century and was restored a few times afterward. Its interior has never been frescoed.

Sretenje is the 13th-century female monastery that settled on the mountain cliff and is surrounded by forest. It provides a beautiful view of the opposite Kablar. Besides its serene scenery, Sretenje also houses two important 17th-century icons that are kept in the monastery treasury.