This mountain lavish in nature lies at an altitude of 1,000 meters. Its climate is alpine and sub-alpine with moderately warm summers and relatively cold winters. The air is fresh and dry, the pressure law with over 2,000 sunny hours per year.

Zlatibor is suitable for health tourism given that is fully equipped with medicinal staff and the technology accordingly. The leading institution is the “Zlatibor” Special Hospital, and most of the hotels offer a variety of medicinal services.

Traditional Treatment

Zlatibor is famous for its diverse flora. Picking herbs and making teas for healing purposes grew into a tradition over time. The knowledge about healing herbs was passed from one generation to the next.

According to the scientific data and traditional knowledge, the most popular Zlatibor herbalist, also known as the Zlatibor Movable Bush, will recommend proper herbs to visitors but also tell a few exciting stories. There is also another possibility to learn about the local herbs – at the botanical garden at the mountain center.

Thai Spa

Thai Spa in Zlatibor is situated two kilometers away from the center, at the Palisad settlement.

In a pleasant environment with oriental scents, visitors are welcomed by nice stuff and professional therapists from Thailand. Thanks to the traditional Thai massage, the overall wellbeing can be improved.

There are three programs within the center: Thai massage, aromatherapy, and relax massage therapy.

Healing Springs

Numerous springs of clean and freshwater are dispersed all over Zlatibor. Some of them are among the best in Serbia, such as Hajdučka Fountain and Hajdučica in Murtenica, Zaogline in the foothill of Čigota, Jovan’s Water in Alin Potok, Dunjića Spring in Stublo village, Pašić Fountain in Čajetina, Kulaševac and Đurkovac in Kraljeve vode (King’s Waters), springs in Borkovac, etc.

A couple of mineral springs can also be added to the health and recreational tourism of Zlatibor. Not far from Rožanstvo along the river Prištevci, there lies Banja Vapa (banja meaning spa in Serbian) with the spring of healing waters of 17 degrees Celsius. Because of its beneficial properties, it has been used for skin diseases, for healing mucous membranes and eye problems.

There are also several healing springs in the valley of Ribnica river that locals refer to as the white water.

Another stream of mineral water called Bele vode in Mokra gora is situated near the Kamišina river. It is beneficial for treating skin and eye diseases. This spring is also mentioned in legends and stories of the area. It has been assumed that the Ottomans used it for medicinal purposes, while the water analysis carried out by the Institute of Rehabilitation has confirmed its healing properties.