Forests of Derventa, Jadovnik, Ravna Gora, Pribojena, Crni Vrh, Jabuka, Babina, Pobjenik, Šerbetovac, Zlatar, and Lisa are available grounds for hunting wolf, boar, fox, rabbit, marten. Partridge can be found in Ćupova stena, Vijenac, Savin Lakat, wood-grouse in Ravna Gora, Pribojna, Crni Vrh, Zlatar, and ringdove in mid-ground areas.

Prijepolje houses a hunting association with about 900 members.

Contact: Hunting Association Prijepolje +38133710 072, +3816418 12 803

When it comes to fishing, visitors can find good conditions on Lim, Mileševka, Seljašnica, Sopotnica, and Potpeć Lake, and an abundance in sprout, brown trout, grayling, etc. The weight of the biggest sprout caught in 1996 in Lim was 25 kilograms.

Contact: Sports Fishermen Association Lim +38133711 566, +38133715 237