Mini Camp Grlica

It is situated in Kamena Gora, 20 km from Prijepolje, in pristine natural surroundings with forests and springs. Hiking and cycling routes are available. Hosts of the Mini Camp Grlica offer a variety of local vegetables and fruits, along with some fresh baked traditional buns.

The capacity of the camp is 10 tent plots.

Contact: Nenad Novaković +381642553315

GPS: N 43.25706°, E 19.57323°

Mini Camp Bor

The symbol of Kamena Gora is the 400-year-old pine tree that locals refer to as sacred. One of the best sites here is the sunrise next to this pine tree which can easily be admired when visiting the Mini Camp Bor.

Accompanied by the conifers forest scent, visitors can enjoy the 80-kilometer-long hiking track or cycling along the 40-kilometer-route.

Contact: Živko Kijanović +381641842140

GPS: N 43.28212°, E 19.56575°