Hiking Trails

Track 1, Ivanjica-Oštrice

The trail’s starting point is in Ivanjica and it goes all the way to Oštar vrh at an altitude of 976 meters. It is 7 km long in one direction with the elevation rise of 508 meters. The view from Oštar vrh will be more than rewarding.

Track 2, Anemija-Teprč

The length of this trail is 12 km. Given its level of difficulty, it is considered to be an easy track. The elevation rise is 800 meters. The trail will take you through forests and towards interesting viewpoints. The Teprč peak lies at an altitude of 927 meters.

Track 3, Ivanjica-Gliječa

This track has two route options with a total length of about 8 km. The elevation rise is 696 meters. The route is attractive because it partly goes above the abys with some stunning views of Ivanjica in Gliječa settlement.

Track 4, Ivanjica – Lazarica Church

This track can be 6 km long if one goes only to Lazarica Church, 10 km to Oštar vrh, and 17 km to the bus station towards Šljivići village.

Mountaineering Routes


Golija is one of the most visited mountains in Ivanjica area with a wide range of marked mountaineering routes and hiking tracks. They mostly go over Babića brdo, Bojevo brdo, to the highest peak of Jankov kamen. There is also a marked route from Golijska reka to Javor mountain (1,481 m) and Tikveš (1,504 m), and so many others that go through forests and by local lakes.


Even though there are no officially marked and settled routes on Javor mountain, a lot of trekking tours and hiking visits took place here given its mild hills and nice views. The highest peak of Javor is Vasilijin vrh with an altitude of 1,519 meters. The most popular path is from Kušići village to Vasilijin vrh and the one towards the Uvac canyon.


Hiking routes on Mučanj mountain are not all marked. The most popular track is from Katići village to Jerinin grad peak at an altitude of 1,534 meters.

Alpine Climbing

There are several alpine climbing routes in Ivanjica area visitors can try. One of them is in Raščići village next to a cave. All the climbs can only be undertaken accompanied by a proper guide from the local mountaineering society.

Mučanj also provides a few climbing paths that require a certain level of climbing skills.