Thanks to the geographical and natural characteristics of the West Serbia Region, one can choose among different kinds of outdoor activities. One of the popular ones, given the marked routes and stunning landscapes, is cycling. Bicycle trails will take you through the forests of Tara, Zlatibor, Golija, Zlatibor, along the Uvac Canyon, etc.


Biking trails are of different levels so that visitors can choose among easy ones for beginners, intermediate for recreational purposes, or difficult routes for mountain biking.

There is the cycling trail on the Klokoč hill near Arilje, 4 km long, that will take you to a nice viewpoint. Požega and Čačak are popular for cycling competitions, while recreational biking is frequent on the way from Kosjerić to Arilje. Bicycle trails can be found in Golija, Tara, Zlatar, on the way from Prilike to Mučanj and Štitkovo, or from Sopotnica to Tičje polje.

For more information, contact the local tourism organization.