There are numerous climbing trails in West Serbia to enjoy. Breath-taking surroundings will make the experience even more memorable. Climbing trails can be found in the Prijepolje area at the following locations – Sokolica, Gradina, Kamena Gora, Lim river canyon, Sopotnica, but also in Požega – Orlovo Gnezdo and Jelen Do. There are also several settled rock-climbing trails next to the Hadži-Prodan Cave.


Canyoning on the other hand, given that it can be just recreational or a serious challenge, is available in various canyons throughout the region. Those are river canyons of Dubočica, Mileševka, Uvac, Đetinja, Drina, etc.



Mountaineering Club Kamena Gora

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PSK “Stari vlah”

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