Town built on the spiritual foundation

You can recognize the region of Arilje by the ancient Church of St Ahilije, built in the 13th century, by which the town (colloquial Ahilije, Ahilje) has been named Arilje and also by raspberry, the so-called red gold, to the honour of which a monument has been constructed.

The Church of St Ahilije, a pious endowment of King Dragutin Nemanjić, vividly testifies about longevity and value of Serbian culture in this region. Frescoes and icons, the works of persons who lived in the past, are very interesting. In the Serbian fresco painting, a new iconographic solution was applied for the first time in the composition portraying the founders, Dragutin and Milutin Nemanjić. Art lovers are especially interested in this composition. There are also portraits of Dragutins’s sons and the Blue Angel (The Angel of Arilje) fresco. Klisura, a medieval monastery, is located in the nearby village Dobrače. It is important for its ancient fresco painting remnants, pieces of prominent icon-painters Simeon Lazović and Dimitrije Posinković. You can also see Russian icons and artistically highly relevant woodwork portrayed in this temple. In Brekovo village, Arilje has yet one more church, the third one, built in the 13th century.

Growing raspberry for export is a profitable activity. Citizens of Arilje have made raspberry a tourist product. They have thought up a tour ”Red gold journey“, during which you can visit nearby villages to harvest and taste this fruit, as well as its products. A less known sight of the region of Arilje is the Spa of Visoka, near Visoka village. It has hot mineral water springs, beneficial for the treatment of rheumatism, heart diseases and vision problems. Water cave is a natural phenomenon you can also see in the near vicinity.

The crystal clear river Rzav makes Arilje proud. Miller’s dream (”Mlinarev san“) is a comfortable catering and boarding establishment located right above the river, not far away from the town. Eight Rzav beaches, unusually named: Barefoot, Sonja’s charms, Urjak, Narrow Whirlpool, Green Beach, Yellow Rock, Suspension Bridge and Gravel Beach, are to be found next to it.